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In response, Richard Mason disagreed with Zimmer's assertion on the mutually exclusiveness of the two actions: "simultaneous cake-having and cake-eating are NOT mutually exclusive.

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On the contrary, generally I cannot eat something at any time when I do not have it. But I eat things when I have them all the time. Only when the object is entirely consumed do I no longer have it and at that time the eating is also terminated.

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Furthermore, he believes that it's not relevant to ponder over the logicality of crystallized, commonly used phrases. Stan Carey, writing for the Macmillan Dictionary Blog , likens the "have-eat" vs. Carey writes that even though the "eat-have" form of the cake-proverb might make more sense, "idioms do not hinge on logic, and expecting them to make literal sense is futile.

But it can be hard to ward off the instinctive wish that language align better with common sense. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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    September Subscription or UK public library membership required. The Yale Book of Quotations. The Works of Jonathan Swift Tittle Tattle. The New York Times. Archived from the original on 1 June Have your cake and eat it. Whether one takes a scientific or philosophical approach to the problems of cakeism, one of the difficulties it raises is that, to many people, the concept of wanting to have a cake and eat it seems eminently reasonable.

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    The reason for the confusion is that the original form of the phrase has been reversed in its modern incarnation. One of the reasons this phrase has been so widely taken up in the EU discussions is that the concept to which it relates cuts across national borders and languages; similar idioms can be traced in many cultures, albeit with their own regional twist.

    Despite the ubiquity of the phrase, it is only in the English version that the object of desire is a cake; even Justin Timberlake later confessed to preferring pie. In fact, the British obsession with cake has left its impression on the English language in numerous ways.

    Can you have your meat and eat it too? Conscientious omnivores, vegetarians, and adherence to diet.

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    However the teacher is a total bitch! John: Yea, well you can't have your cake and eat it too. Get a You can't have your cake and eat it too mug for your friend Helena.

    An expression basically meaning that you can only have it so good, and you can't have it all. An good example is if a situation is bittersweet.

    "you can't have your cake and eat it too" in Russian

    Sara was sad that the guy whom had gotten very close to her in the past 3 years which she held a secret fondness for developed an interest in her best friend, Clare. In conversation with Clare, Sara explained the situation, to which Clare responded. Get a You can't have your cake and eat it too mug for your mate Zora.

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