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Developments in this area are stimulated by health and environmental concerns, interest in sustainability, desire to decrease the dependence on petroleum, and opportunity to design and produce "green" products and processes.

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A large number of publications have appeared, and many new methodologies have been reported. The symposium was very successful, with a total of 63 papers and active participation and discussions among the leading researchers.

Whereas all aspects of Green Polymer Chemistry were covered, a particular emphasis was placed on biocatalysis and biobased materials. Biocatalysis involves the use of enzymes, microbes, and higher organisms to carry out chemical reactions. It provides exciting opportunities to manipulate polymer structures, to discover new reaction pathways, and to devise environmentally friendly processes.

It also benefits from innovations in biotechnology which enables cheaper and improved enzymes to be made and customized polymeric materials to be produced in vivo using metabolic engineering. Biobased materials also represent an equally exciting opportunity that has found many industrial and medical applications. Green Polymer Chemistry was compiled and edited in view of the success of the Philadelphia symposium, and the fact that this field is multidisciplinary where publications tend to be spread out over journals in different disciplines.

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Williard Enzymatic Biocatalysis: Other Enzymes 9. Biosynthesis of Polyhydroxyalkanoate by a Marine Bacterium Vibrio sp. Kaplan, and Curtis W. Frank Howell, Paul K. Martin, Steven J. Martin, and Patrick B. Smith Direct Fluorination of Poly 3-hydroxybutyrate-co -hydroxyhexanoate Samsuddin F.

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