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Harriet Tubman. The list goes on and on….

Throughout human history, fierce feminine leaders have aroused our passions and inspired us to greatness in our lives and as leaders ourselves. These extraordinary women were, and are, both fierce and feminine. But history proves this is a disempowering lie. We have the opportunity to redefine what success looks like and feels like — away from past societal, familial or gender conditioning, away from the ancestral masculine leadership style, and away from the disempowering reliance upon external sources of validation to make us feel strong and worthy.

The magnificent truth is, our femininity holds a timeless power no man can command, and we must step back into it, not away from it, to realize our most heroic and joy-fulfilled lives. As responsible leaders, we — as Women — must continue to be the change we want to see in this world by embedding our feminine qualities in our daily practice of power. The distinctive power of femininity, emphatically, is finally carving space in business, home life, relationships and is becoming recognized as a strength and asset.

Women want their authentic version of what success feels like and looks like when running a business, being equal in any relationship, and being unapologetically fierce, strong and radiant at once. When we own our feminine attributes, we give ourselves permission to shine through our leadership skills, charisma, relationships, influence and capacity to relate to those around us.

Suddenly, those around us can relax and become more magnetically drawn to our leadership. Combine those very gifts women organically possess on the inside, yet have disconnected from, to the skills and expertise that fierce warrior women in business must harness on the outside to thrive…and you now have a revolutionary and magnetic advanced model for Power and Leadership.

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The Declaration of Personal Power by Brendon Burchard

Femininity is your deepest source of inner strength and resilience, not a weakness. Femininity is your inherent power, not your insufficiency. Fierceness is the imperative edge you must acquire to perform with unapologetic certainty in your business life. Merge those two essences and Women have the possibility to create an unbounded reality by choosing to redefine success and power from the inside out, in the only way that creates radical change. Dare more to be truthfully You by reconnecting to what you have sacrificed for so long, the woman in you who is painfully needing to come out of her closet… The Feminine part of you who screams to fuse with the fierce warrior within to unapologetically embody that perfect merge sitting at the boardroom table.

We all know that women need to share through the art of talking and inclusivity, while the opposite stands true for men who typically are less communicative, transparent and vulnerable in their approach. We feel the need to be perceived as perfect and successful according to a given and unchallenged patriarchal mold, and consequently hide the meaningful road bumps of our journey.

I understand that this behavior is exercised to maintain control over our old perception of power and influence, but it hinders our ability to connect with our deeper authentic truth, hence it cripples our connection with others. Hiding behind masks depletes our ability to inspire and build authentic relationships. More importantly, not showing our authentic selves drains our energy. When you share your whole self, you inspire others to share theirs, increase your integrity, and garner loyalty as you cultivate trust.

Practice not apologizing for your truth, or compromise on what is meaningful to you. Connect with the source of your power, detached from an external warrant system and engage in your business and in your life with Fierce Femininity… or defiant grace! To be a powerful and influential leader, you must start with taking responsibility for yourself first and foremost.

Self Leadership is about internal ownership of your empowering values, beliefs and personal attributes so you can actually model them externally. Only then can you create congruence between your innate feminine and masculine qualities.

The Power of Being Authentic

By embracing your adaptability, integrity, authenticity and intuition with your fierce driven ambition, you can embody the full spectrum of powerful leadership traits that create collaboration, win-win outcomes and effortless retention among other benefits. A truly incredible female leader has done the inner work that breeds external results and a contagious presence.

It is time for you to commit to being your best self. Performance is achieved very differently by men or women. Currently reading Own Your Greatness. Share article: 0x 0x.

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A giant thank you to all my readers for making The 5AM Club one of the 1 selling books in the world right now. Watch the book trailer here. Watch the event trailer here. Join the Training Series Now No, thank you. Learn how your comment data is processed. That said. In other words. Our internal thoughts conflict. This creates a problem for a business. We contain multitudes. All that perfection still creates imperfection. Authentic is simple because it resides in contradictions.

And, correspondingly, how can beauty be imperfect? All I really know is what I said before — all imperfection has some beauty.

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I am done babbling. Authentic is … well … being Flawsome. January 20, by Bruce. Cancel Reply. Name required.

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