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I am very careful in that so I use the Bible and a dictionary mostly, Guided by the Holy Spirit, I do find times when I must learn from another.

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Thank you for using your time to disciple others and to honor Him. Treasures in your box Gal! See you then. Yes, I agree. Your words have helped me understand the differences and connectivity of these four life goals! This comes across to me as a western perspective. How can Insight come after wisdom. For one to become wise they must first have insight, if they do not have insight then they cannot be wise. Knowledge on the other hand is not related to wisdom.

Wisdom is achieved through the education of life in nature, where we live. Knowledge is external, wisdom is internal. One cannot achieve wisdom through knowledge and one cannot achieve knowledge through wisdom. Understanding is relative to the context of what it is you are dealing with. From my perspective real understanding is beyond our comprehension. Wisdom does not mean we understand, as understanding does not make us wise. Wisdom is more about accepting what we do not know as much as it is to recognize what we do know.

Wisdom is the ability to accept and be part of what is, not to go in search of knowledge. It is confusing because the differences are not clear in my mind. Thank you for this article. It will be a tremendous help. Blessings on you and yours, Vic. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

But what really is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Share and inspire.

Deep Sleep Guided Meditation for Unlocking Your Sacred Spirit Wisdom (Voice & Music Dream Ascension)

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Vic likes to talk about true love, meaningful life, quantum physics, spiritual growth, and more. Thank you very much keep on doing what you are doing its really helping. God bless you. Now I am mad, indeed Father; for when I thought me to have been made a wise man by you, with these thoughts you have quite dulled all my senses.

Yet is it so, as I say, O Son, He that Looks Only upon that which is carried upward as Fire, that which is carried downward as Earth, that which is moist as Water, and that which blows or is subject to blast as Air; how can he sensibly understand that which is neither hard, nor moist, nor tangible, nor perspicuous, seeing it is only understood in power and operation; but I beg and pray to the Mind which alone can understand the Generation, which is in God.

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Then am I, O Father, utterly unable to do it. God forbid Son, rather draw or pull him unto you and he will come, be but Willing, and it shall be done; quiet the Senses of the Body, purging yourself from unreasonable brutish torments of matter. Have I any revengers or tormentors in myself, Father? Yes, and those, not a few, but many and fearful ones.

I do not know them, Father. They are in number twelve, and under these many more; some which through the prison of the body, do force the inwardly placed Man to suffer sensibly And they do not suddenly, or easily depart from him, that has obtained mercy of God; and herein consists, both the manner and the reason of Regeneration.

For the rest O Son, hold your peace, and praise God in silence, and by that means, the mercy of God will not cease, or be wanting unto us. Therefore rejoice, my Son, from here forward, being purged by the powers of God, to the Knowledge of the Truth. For the revelation of God is come to us, and when that came all Ignorance was cast out.

The knowledge of Joy has come to us, and when that comes, Sorrow shall fly away to them that are capable of it. I call unto Joy, the power of Temperance, a power whose Virtue is most sweet; Let us take her unto ourselves, O Son, most willingly, for how at her coming has she put away Intemperance.

Now I call the fourth, Continence, the power which is over Concupiscence. This, O Son, is the stable and firm foundation of Justice. For see, how without labour, she has chased away injustice and we are justified, O Son, when Injustice is away.

The sixth Virtue which comes into us, I call Communion, which is against Covetousness. And when that is gone, I call Truth ; and when she comes, Error and Deceit vanishes. See, O Son, how the Good is fulfilled by the access of Truth; for by this means, Envy is gone from us; for Truth is accompanied with the Good, together also with Life and Light. And there came no more any torment of Darkness, but being overcome, they are all fled away suddenly, and tumultuarily. Whosoever therefore has of Mercy obtained this Generation which is according to God, he leaving all bodily sense, knows himself to consist of divine things, and rejoices, being made by God stable and immutable.

O Father, I conceive and understand, not by the sight of mine eyes, but by the Intellectual Operation, which is by the Powers. Yet tell me further, this one thing, How are the torments of Darkness, being in number Twelve, driven away and expelled by the Ten powers. What is the manner of it, Trismegistus?

This Tabernacle O Son, consists of the Zodiacal Circle; and this consisting of twelve numbers, the Idea of one; but all formed Nature admit of divers Conjugations to the deceiving of Man. And though they be different in themselves, yet are they united in practice and they are also indeterminate: Therefore with good Reason, do they make their departure, being driven away by the Ten powers; that is to say, By the dead. And there Life and Light are united, where the number of Unity is born of the Spirit.

O Father, I now see the Universe, and myself in the Mind. This is Regeneration, O Son, that we should not any longer fix our imagination upon this Body, subject to the three dimensions, according to this Speech which we have now commented. That we may not at all calumniate the Universe.

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Good words, Son, and speak not things impossible; for so you shall sin, and the eye of your mind grow wicked. The sensible Body of Nature is far from the Essential Generation; for that is subject to Dissolution, but this not; and that is mortal, but this immortal. Do you not know that you are born a God and the Son of the One, as I am. Pimander, the Mind of absolute Power and Authority, had delivered no more unto me, than those that are written; knowing that of myself, I can understand all things, and hear, and see what I will.

And he commanded me to do those things that are good; and therefore all the Powers that are in me sing.

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I would hear you O Father, and understand these things. Be quiet O Son, and now listen to that harmonious blessing and thanksgiving: the hymn of Regeneration, which I did not determine to have spoken of so plainly, but to yourself in the end of all. Wherefore this is not taught, but hid in silence. The Secret Song. The Holy Speech.

Let all the Nature of the world entertain the hearing of this Hymn. Be opened, O Earth, and let all the Treasure of the Rain be opened. Be opened you Heavens, you Winds stand still, and let the Immortal Circle of God receive these words. For I will sing, and praise him that created all things, that fixed the Earth, and hung up the Heavens, and commanded the sweet Water to come out of the Ocean; into all the World inhabited, and not inhabited, to the use and nourishment of all things, or men.

That commanded the fire to shine for very action, both to Gods and Men. Let us altogether give him blessing, which rides upon the Heavens, the Creator of all Nature. This is he that is the Eye of the Mind, and Will accept the praise of my Powers. O all you Powers that are in me, praise the One and the All. Sing together with my Will, all you Powers that are in me.

All my Powers sing praise with me, and you my Continence, sing praise my Righteousness by me; praise that which is righteous. O Communion which is in me, praise the All. By me the Truth sings praise to the Truth, the Good praises the Good. O Life, O Light from us, unto you comes this praise and thanksgiving. I give thanks to You, O Father, the operation or act of my Powers.

Understanding Proverbs

I give thanks unto You, O God, the power of my operations. By me Your Word sings praise unto you, receive by me this reasonable sacrifice in words. O All, receive a reasonable Sacrifice from all things. O Father, I see you have sung this Song of praise and blessing with your whole Will; and therefore have I put and placed it in my World.

Say in your intelligible World, O Son.