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The States Project.

From sweet dreams to phantom pains, the brain is a befuddling place

Recent Posts. Now What? Thoughts on the future of photography October 10th, Joanne Dugan: Multiples and Meditations October 7th, Wendi Schneider: Evenings with the Moon October 3rd, Sunny Strader: 5th Grade Dreams October 1st, Leah Frances: American Squares September 26th, Frank Hamrick: It was there all along September 23rd, Rust Belt Biennial September 20th, Marcia Resnick: Re-Visions September 19th, Greg Kahn: Havana Youth September 18th, Heather Evans Smith: Alterations September 16th, Seunggu Kim: Better Days September 3rd, Enjoy this slideshow showing how the quilt has grown during the first 5 months using the 5" version of the blocks.

When I created Simply Dreaming , I envisioned people all over the world coming together to work on a common goal: completing a beautiful quilt. The community that has been created to encourage and support each other while stitching out this quilt has been truly amazing. I've been dreaming of the day when quilting could change people's lives In that time I've learned:.

Despite age. Despite education. Despite ethnicity. Despite economic status. Despite gender.

"Neverglade Mysteries: Lucid Dreaming" (Part 2) - CreepyPasta Storytime

To me, it was a labor of love for sure, and I imagined the group all together here online quilting it… but I never pictured this. The impact. The love.

The Mysteries, Dreams, and Other Worlds Exhibition: Part 2 | LENSCRATCH

I had new beginnings in mind as I worked on this. But I had no idea it would be the beginning of something so magical. A reminder of 2 simple truths It is so wonderful to see the unintended consequences of this group. Prayers for one another, support and assistance. Like an old fashioned quilting circle, in a modern day world. Month 9 of Simply Dreaming was released on September 16, The entire quilt top was revealed!

Four Dreams: Part 1

You can see both versions of the quilt below:. For maximum versatility and accessibility, you'll receive instructions for preparing your applique shapes 3 different ways. You can use these designs in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join in the fun no matter what type of machine you have. Join us in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your progress so you feel totally supported and encouraged during the process.

This is also a great way to ask me any questions if you have trouble along the way. A million thank you for such stunning designs! Simply Dreaming is a quilt in the hoop block of the month project unlike any other!

See a Problem?

You can snuggle up with it, give it as a gift for someone to enjoy, or display it proudly - the choice is yours and the options are limitless! Not only is this an incredible learning experience that ends with a beautifully finished quilt, but you'll also have the option of joining an amazing community. The Simply Dreaming Family is full of encouragement, support, and love.

This drama-free zone will help you when you get stuck, encourage you when you've made your tenth mistake of the day, and cheer for you at each completed step. Jump right in, stick with the original schedule AND get 2 months free when you purchase the entire year!

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OR Take your time with a monthly payment plan. Get month 1 immediately. Subsequent months will be delivered every 30 days after you sign up for a total of 12 months. Months are now available! Subsequent months will be released on the 16th of the month, through December Check out the fabric requirements for both sizes by clicking the buttons below. I love all of Sarah's careful and clear videos for our monthly blocks. I been hesitant to use my machines, my ScanNCut and embroidery machine. I feel I can learn, I just need her clear and specific directions.

Thank you Sarah! A: You have access to both sizes! In fact, many people are working on both sizes at the same time! All of the rest of the shapes are brand new! A: When you do the 5-inch blocks, the finished quilt measures 65 inches x 65 inches. When you do the 7. A: Yes! You'll receive detailed instructions each month as well as videos that make following along easy for anyone.

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Plus, you can join the free Simply Dreaming private Facebook group where you can ask questions if you get stuck! A: Months are embroidered applique, then in months we quilt the center piece. In months we do more embroidered applique for the border, then quilt it in months A: No! A: The templates are exact, and so are the instructions! With out seeing it, I know it will be awesome. Thank you, Sarah for creating this new project for us all!!!