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Fire of the Goddess Book Release, Mami Wata and Radha, Part Three

Do you want to struggle with what should be, or show up to flow with what is in this moment? When we honor the cycles of life we learn to love and learn from all the textures, from the rough edges to the silky smooth synchronicities. In becoming a Warrior Goddess, our first two lessons focus on committing to ourselves and aligning with life. Your mind, energy, emotions, and physical body are all part of the vehicle for the spirit, or the invisible essence that is at your core. Specifically, this means we must become aware of and consciously clear out all the beliefs, stories, fears, and general gunk that is clogging our system.

Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces

And this takes rolling up our warrior sleeves and getting to work while we also open to divine goddess grace and inspiration. Do not anchor to the specifics that will change, but to the permanent places like your own self-love, and to your own connection to the Divine. When you anchor your roots to something outside of you, you will never feel completely stable. Your beloved, kids, pets, house, parents, work, and friendships will all shift and change, no matter how stable they may appear to be. What can you anchor to that will bring true stability?

To come into a rooted Warrior Goddess sense of inner faith and security, most of us need to do some energetic housecleaning. One of the most potent places to start is by releasing old stories. Your sexual energy is also your creative energy. You can use sex to reproduce, a most creative act. And you can also take the fiery energy of your sexuality and channel it into catalyzing and birthing anything, from books to careers, health to spiritual practice.

Reward Yourself

At its core your sexual energy is your creative flow, and when you choose to channel it, everything becomes your art. Sexual energy forms the deep roots of your creativity and passion. It is the flowering branches of the sensual enjoyment of your body and senses. As a Warrior Goddess, your strength is in embracing the challenges of life, loving all of you including your weaknesses, and saying yes to discomfort. This does not mean seeking out drama or difficult situations, but using everything in your life to foster more resilience, courage, and core strength.

Preface to "The Path of the Priestess"

Being a goddess means valuing yourself highly. It is an attitude of self-respect and self-love without compromise. Being a Warrior Goddess means being comfortable with both your power and your vulnerability, knowing they are both strengths. When you open your understanding to the wider truth that nothing can hurt the real you, and that you need nothing and no one to be complete, you will feel the unbounded, unchangeable, unified spirit that you are. You will choose what type of relationships to be in, not based on fear, but rather from a place of unconditional self-love, where you will intuitively know what would best serve you in this time of your life.

The most intimate relationship you will ever have is with your- self. When the inner judge or inner victim shows up, the path of the Warrior Goddess invites you to love these parts of yourself as well. Compassion is the key to doing so. Coming from your heart is vital when learning to speak your truth. It is powerful to dedicate yourself to speaking your truth with your heart open, even if that truth is difficult, rather than trying to be gentle or appropriate and speak with your heart closed.

It is a gift to yourself and others when you are truly, open- heartedly honest. This starts with speaking the truth to yourself first, over and over and over again. In doing so you will gain self-intimacy and trust, which will naturally spill over into all of your relationships. Our intuition is proof that there is more to life than what can be weighed, measured, or otherwise quantified in a lab. By definition, intuition is from the realm of the spiritual. Closely related to intuition is the concept of wisdom. This is not the type of wisdom that can be gained from reading a book; rather, it is more like a deep sense of knowing, a feeling that comes from your heart.

When you think and act from this seat of wisdom, you move along the path of life, tapping into the strength to deal with whatever may come your way. The sisterhood held by HeatherAsh is like no other. The opportunity to grow and hold space for others to grow along with you allows for curiosity, experiments, and mistakes while you are held and honored with no judgment, just love. I am having a miracle of miracles: More peace and joy with every breath than I have ever had before. The Mitote book very important to my healing as well as recapitulation.

مشاهدة سريعة

Wise peaceful women. The visualization lessons absolutely amazing and essential to healing.

10 Essential Books to Ignite Your Feminine Spirituality

Through our time together I learned powerful tools that helped me tap further into my own magic. I stepped towards trusting myself and became much better at setting intent while also letting go of outcomes. I found stillness where there often had been anxiety and fear. And more able to experience the full, delicious, erotic power that can flow through you. It also takes a sisterhood that is willing to call you forward and hold you in a bigger vision of yourself.

And it takes expert, trusted guidance from one who has activated, initiated, and opened to these larger forces. That trusted guide is Devaa Haley Mitchell. She has co-founded The Shift Network, one of the largest and most influential spiritual networks in the world, all while being a priestess for emerging women, a dedicated mom, and even a singer.

Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine

These are the energies needed to clearly speak your truth — and to speak courageously for others. When used wisely, these primal powers are tempered by the love and compassion of the Great Mother. The Great Mother holds the nurturing, compassionate Goddess energies within us all that enable us to take our stand in the world, yet keep our hearts open and the receptive and inclusive nature of the feminine alive.

This soul-igniting eight weeks with Devaa will provide you with a sacred container where your Feminine Fire can be rekindled, re-engaged, and fully embodied.

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This is your opportunity to birth a more soul-connected, juicy, radiantly empowered YOU. Expect to become a more full-spectrum being — comfortable in your wise depths, at home in your wildness, and ready to shine your gifts. So you can better connect with Devaa and her teachings, all of her sessions will be live streamed on video. Or, you can easily connect via audio, either through the Internet or your phone. Course sessions are on Wednesdays at pm Pacific.

And so you can better connect with Devaa and her teachings, her sessions will be delivered via easy-to-use live stream video. Or if you prefer, you can join her via audio through your Internet or telephone connection. This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential guided practices with Devaa. The way of the Great Mother is the way of unconditional love. She is the foundation underlying all things, and she holds us in her open embrace.

The Great Mother creates a strong foundation, allowing you to embody the full spectrum of the feminine — loving and bold and sometimes, assertive and intense. All of who you are is welcome!! Imagine a pack of women, running wild and free through the hills and howling at the moon, deeply connected to their innate instincts, the Earth, and the age-old feminine energies inherent in the night sky. This primal Goddess energy dwells within all women — it dwells within you.

Your Goddess-inspired primal energies are very strong. Embodying this fierce archetype helps you to break free of the shackles that have bound you — perhaps for lifetimes As you release and transmute what no longer serves, you create fertile ground for manifesting the future you desire. The Initiator represents a fierce face of the Feminine, inviting you to wield the powerful sword of your words — with determination and clear intention, while also maintaining an open and compassionate heart.

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  • These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level. The fierce feminine blesses us with discernment, a lightning sword of truth that she brings down on all our illusions about ourselves, human nature, the world, and the nature of the Divine itself. Such a discernment flays all pretensions and dissolves all human vanity in a bath of black acid.

    Terrible though this process is, the blessing of unconditional compassion for all others born from it, and the radical joy of unconditional love that flowers from the ashes of the false self provide the fuel of all enlightened activity. Now more than ever the world needs your fiery, passionate, bold, unique expression! Being a Warrior Goddess means embracing all of you — your darkest fears and your most precious gifts — so you can shine your light powerfully.

    In this session, Sandra Ingerman will talk about the importance of joining together as a global community to hold space in the world right now and how to merge with a helping spirit to see the world through the eyes of spirit versus through the eyes of ego.

    Sandra will demonstrate the work by merging with her spiritual teacher Isis who will give a message and answer questions for the group. Devaa made it very easy to feel we all belonged here and that there was a common thread joining us all. I journaled, I meditated. I laughed, I cried — I did the work. Thank you, Shift Network, Devaa, and friends.

    Bless you all. The support offered and created by the staff and the participants together fills a deep need for connectedness and loving guidance. Thank you so much for opening up the world of spiritual sisterly love to me. This past year has been a crazy one for me, with some big changes and some difficult events. Thank you so much to Devaa and everyone else who contributed to the course!

    This course helped me along the path of the Goddess, with a support that I was very grateful for.