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The book's editor, Hermione Lee , is very much in the seeds of greatness camp, commenting in her introduction that "Hyde Park Gate News doesn't only provide raw material for Virginia Woolf's novels; it also shows, in its vivid, ebullient, attentive flow of comment, early symptoms of one of the world's great diary writers.

But I think we can make allowances, and actually, for the most part, the mimicry and satire is impressively sophisticated, funny and adult. This curious blend of the childish and the mature runs throughout the history of juvenilia. The genre has always been associated with lighthearted and occasional writing, often produced to amuse the writer's friends or parents, perhaps the greatest example being the sharp and witty stories Jane Austen wrote between and , which include an extremely funny History of England.

The status of juvenilia began to change in the Romantic era, however, not least because several writers wrote what are considered major works while still in their youth. John Keats had written a great deal of major poetry before he was 20, while Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was In many cases, an early death meant that youthful work was all a writer was able to produce, as in the case of the great forger-poet Thomas Chatterton , who committed suicide aged seventeen. More recent juvenilia has proved to be a fertile source for publishing controversy. Philip Larkin was notorious for the slimness of his poetic output, but since his death in his published work has swelled hugely, most conspicuously by large tracts of juvenilia.

First came Trouble at Willow Gables and Michaelmas Term at St Bride's, two rollicking novels of lesbian intrigue set at a girls boarding school. The author's own comments express the disdain in which many writers hold their own early work, with handwritten notes such as "pseudo-Keats babble" and "unforgettably bad".

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Feb 18, Tiffany rated it liked it. I appreciated reading her early sketches and small stories, and comparing them to her full novels written as an adult. Her irreverent History of England was particularly enjoyable to read.

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I have a feeling Jane Austen would have been a riot to know. Very clever and witty. View 1 comment. The juvenilia is fairly extensive, and divided into three volumes.

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Before the story begins, she developed a strong friendship with the daughters of the local parson, Mr. The girls talk about books and spend much of their time The juvenilia is fairly extensive, and divided into three volumes. The girls talk about books and spend much of their time in the eponymous bower the three of them built together. When Mr. Wynne suddenly die, their daughters and one son are forced to rely on other relatives. Cecilia Wynne moves to Bengal, where she is obliged to marry a Mr. Lascelles, who, though respectable, she is incapable of loving.

Mary moves to Scotland, and is taken under the wing of the snobbish Mrs. Halifax; and Charles Wynne goes to sea. This means that Kitty finds herself suddenly all alone, with only her stifling aunt for company. She seeks solace in reading and reflecting in her beloved bower, which her aunt disapproves of. For the aunt, the bower is a space of dangerous self-indulgence, a Spenserian bower of bliss, and she at one point declares that she will destroy it, rather like a parodic Guyon.

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Stanley, the former of which is a member of parliament, move into the village of Chetwynde with their two children, Camilla and Edward Stanley. Kitty wants desperately to be friends with Camilla, but Camilla is frivolous, fashion-obsessed, and ill-educated. A ball is planned, but Kitty can't go because she has a painful toothache. Eventually the pain subsides, and she decides to attend the ball.

The Beautiful, Proto-Feminist Snark of Jane Austen’s Juvenilia

Dudley hosts the ball. Edward is totally unlike his sister. He is handsome and clever. Kitty is intrigued and wishes to know him better. The two begin a flirtation, which torments the anxious Mrs. For this reason, he appears to be misleading Kitty in a possibly rakish way. One day, we learn that he has suddenly left the neighborhood to return to Lyon, as his father wishes. The only reason he returned to England was so that he could be with a beloved mare of his that was ill.

Kitty curses the vanity of women and the inconstancy of man before stoically coping with the news, when Camilla tells Kitty that her brother is in love with her and regretted having left without saying goodbye. She tells her that he said she should tell Kitty not to get married before he returns from the continent, so there is a suggestion that he eventually wishes to propose to Kitty. Kitty retreats to her bower to think fondly over Edward, who she has forgiven of treachery.

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Camilla goes to London. We learn that Mrs. Evelyn Mr. He stops at an ale house, asks the landlady, a Sarah Willis, if there is a house somewhere in the village he can have, enraptured by the Edenic beauty of the place. She directs him to the gorgeous house of a Mr. Webb, who are so implausibly hospitable that they let him keep their house and marry their daughter Maria Webb. As if totally having forgotten his reason for journeying to the area, Frederick settles down to a peaceful domestic existence with his beloved wife, Maria Webb.

He is about to set off, when he receives a letter from his family at Carlisle, informing him that Rose has died of grief. Frederick returns home, where he is shocked to learn that his sister Rose is alive and engaged to a Mr.

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Davenport she ends up marrying at the end of the story. Frederick himself, in an odd conclusion, marries Sarah Willis, the landlady of the alehouse he stops at when first arriving at Evelyn.

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The story, then, appears to center on how two highly and ridiculously romanticized versions of love are supplanted by more practical and earthbound alliances. The story also weaves and parodies gothic, sentimental, and pastoral tropes into a hybridic narrative. Love and Friendship The plot of this rollicking novella is extremely intricate and implausible—and self-consciously so, as it is a parody of sentimental and amatory fiction. A rough outline: Laura marries the wealthy Sir Edward, whose father wants him to marry the wealthy Lady Dorothea. Sophia and Laura become inseparable friends.

Augusts is arrested for unpaid debts, and Edward goes to see if he can help him. Sophia and Laura turn out to be cousins. We discover this in a highly implausible reunion scene in which Lord St. Clair, their grandfather, happens to run into them and two other grandchildren—Philander and Gustavus—at the same time. Sophia and Laura find their respective husbands Augustus and Edward have died in a carriage crash.

Sophia dies of grief. Laura takes a carriage ride back home in which she discovers she is being taken by Gustavus, Philander, Sir Edward Sr. In the end, we discover that Sir Edward Sr. Laura spends the rest of her days in a romantic and remote village, where she contemplates the death of her father, mother, husbands, and friend Sophia.

Jan 16, Jonathan rated it liked it Shelves: 18th-century-fiction. Juvenilia is a compilation of three different volumes of Jane Austen's writing composed between the ages of or so , and honestly I was a bit surprised how funny the stories were This being said, I don't think it's totally unreasonable to say that she shows off some really strong writing abilities early here, especially with how she experiments with genre and form throughout the various short storie Juvenilia is a compilation of three different volumes of Jane Austen's writing composed between the ages of or so , and honestly I was a bit surprised how funny the stories were This being said, I don't think it's totally unreasonable to say that she shows off some really strong writing abilities early here, especially with how she experiments with genre and form throughout the various short stories found here.

A handful of the stories are written as almost mock-epics "The Beautiful Cassandra" follows one day in the life of Jane's sister, Cassandra, as she refuses to pay for ice cream and a coach fare, and wanders around , and in addition show her early admiration for the epistolary novel form. Primarily, the works show her interest in satire.

Specifically, Jane targets the notion of love and courtship and the absurdity that comes with it. Will I return to Juvenilia? More than likely, no View 2 comments. Oct 31, Milena March rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. It's truly fascinating to read the early writings of Jane Austen. Going through them and seeing firsthand the sense of anarchy and energy with which she writes you can scarcely believe that it is the same woman who would later go on to write some of the best-known novels in the English language, and darlings of the Victorians and their Morality.

Most of Austen's later novels are reworkings of stories found in her Juvenilia. After reading these short stories, Austen's comedy and love of parody becomes all the more clear in her novels. At the very least, I know understand why Austen's heroines do not faint. May 20, Magdalen Dobson rated it really liked it. Unlike her actual novels, Austen's short, sometimes unfinished stories show her wit and perception of society's stupidities much more plainly, making them downright hilarious!

As they are short stories and not actual novels, they do tend to lack some depth but are still enjoyable.

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  • How much does randomness and juvenilia and alcohol contribute to each tweet? The phrase ' juvenilia carmina' seems to refer to that volume as containing this piece among others. Many an educated Englishman has published such a volume of Juvenilia and sinned no more. One of his early essays written when he was twenty and published in the Juvenilia was called "Nurses.