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This tells me if they understand one-to-one correspondence with letters. Then we count as a class while the helper again touches each letter.

Spell the name. During the first rotation of helpers, we spell the name together as the helper again touches each letter.

Teaching the Months of the Year Through Song

Students start to learn letters in context. We match the first letter of the name with the alphabet on the word wall, and pin the name card up under that letter. Clapping syllables. We clap the helper's name, and note how many claps syllables it has. We compare that number of claps with other children's names to see who has more, less, or is equal.

What do you notice? I have three of them in Alaina! Later on, we limit this to three friends, but during the first few weeks, everyone has a chance to share what they notice. As more and more children have their turns being the helper, we compare names for number of letters, first letters that are the same or different, letters in common, number of syllables, etc. Children become very wise in finding new things to notice: double letters, hidden words am is hiding in Mrs.

Always put the name back together at the end. Sing "Willoughby Wallaby Woo," and make a book with the poem. Have each child draw their verse with an elephant sitting on them. We make a book called Mrs.

Not All Students Are Alike

Hamner, Mrs. Hamner, Who Do You See? I take pictures of each student. We use those pictures as our illustrations so that each student has a page in the book. A pattern for the book is available online.

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Use a long letter line where children can line up on their letter first letter of their first name. Compare the line of people with the word wall to see if they are the same. How many people start with T?

Make a graph of how many people start with each letter. Which letter has the most people?

Make a graph of the number of letters in each first name. Make a graph of the number of claps in each name. Make your letter with your body. Give each child a half sheet of paper with their first letter printed on it. Have them trace their letter with their fingers. Have them cover their letter with buttons or sunflower seeds in the shell. Pour enough salt to cover the bottom of a cookie sheet.

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Put it at a center so students can practice writing their names with their fingers. Write names in shaving cream. Do first name in one color and last name in another color. Put in envelopes with the name written correctly on the front so students have a model. As they assemble their letters to spell their names, they can refer to the envelope for help.

These are self-checking. We keep ours in our browsing baskets to use over and over. Children soon start to trade envelopes and do their friends' names.

Five Lesson Plans for No Name Calling Week

Frame each one to teach the concept of word. Encourage them to leave a bigger space between the two words of their names. Practice: Write name on blackboards, slates, from magnetic letters, etc. Encourage children to write letters to one another or to family members using the Letter Generator student interactive. The bubble numbers hold a beautiful number of original objects.

Lesson 1. Hopi Place Names

VA: Engage in exploration and imaginative play with materials. VA: Engage collaboratively in creative art-making in response to an artistic problem. Assign each student a numeral in the number sequence of pi. Display in correct order on National Pi Day.

Lesson 1. Hopi Place Names | NEH-Edsitement

Use these sheets to create math sentences. Can use pebbles or other markers on each illustration for concrete examples. Or have students hold a number and have them make their own math sentences with themselves! Create alphabet in same manner; illustrate with object beginning with that letter. Create huge calendar and repeat this art project for each number. View our Safety Guidelines. Skip to content Would you like to visit your local site? There isn't a local site available.

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Back to Crayola. Number Names. Print Share. Review basic numerals and practice counting to their value with students. Provide students each with 10 pieces of construction paper. Instruct students to write one very large numeral, , on each paper, with Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils. Demonstrate for students to draw lines around all of the pencil lines, using Crayola Markers or Crayons. Erase the original number line, pointing out to students that this is now a 'bubble' number.