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Cappadocia best photo spots tip: try to get to Uchisar Castle one morning for sunrise as the views are simply incredible. Sunset is also beautiful here with the after dark views across to Goreme stunning.

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As well as the Sultan Cave Suites, we stayed in two other hotels in Uchisar during our time in Cappadocia, the Rox Cappadocia check prices here and the Taskonaklar Cave Hotel check prices here and both had amazing views. Uchisar Castle by day….

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The iconic Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys are a collection of rock formations which were one million years in the making. The chimneys located a few kilometres off the main road between Goreme and Avanos. The fairy chimney are really unique and offers some excellent photo opportunities.

There are fairy chimneys dotted all around Cappadocia but the Fairy Chimney Valley is the largest collection in one place. So try to visit just before sunset or early in the morning to avoid the crowds. For scale! The Fairy Chimneys tower above the landscape.

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This is a relatively hidden photo spot we stumbled right beside the Fairy Chimney Valley. This is a great place for sunset in Cappadocia as it offers such a large panoramic view across to Love Valley. Sunset over Cappadocia with Love Valley in the distance. Located beside Uchisar Castle, the Rox Cappadoica has sweeping views across the valley and Mount Erciyes on the horizion. Their trademark wicker love seat on the roof makes for truly unique photos against the backdrop of the Cappadocian landscape.

Book Hotel Rox Cappadocia Now! The rooftop is set up for some great shots. The hotel is a perfect contrast to the landscape backdrop. The evil eye symbol is synonymous with Turkey where receiving the evil eye is believed to cause misfortune and you will come across many evil eye charms to protect against the evil eye. There are a few evil eye trees dotted throughout Cappadocia and they make for great photo opportunities with the laden branches of blue, white and black glossy charms in beautiful contrast to the dramatic landscapes.

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The evil eye tree with Uchisar Castle in the background. Clay pots are also a popular addition to the trees. Located between Goreme and Uschisar, Pigeon Valley is so named because of the thousands of pigeon houses which were once carved into the rock to attract pigeons to fertilise the land. There are lots of great viewpoints between Goreme and Uschisar but we loved the view from one of our hotels, the Tasonaklar, whose stepped grounds offered magnificent views over the valley with the added bonus of being able to sleep in a giant cave suite — check prices now!

Pigeon Valley from our terrace. What can we say, we love a backdrop of colourful textiles! Sultan Carpets is a treasure trove of bright and colourful rooms overflowing with carpets and is another great photo location. The main room is open air and makes for great pictures. Love Valley, the landing area for the balloon rides, is somewhat of a hidden gem in Cappadocia. Located on a dirt track parallel to the main road between Goreme and Cavusin, Love Valley runs south to Uchisar Castle and we highly recommend visiting this stunning area for post sunrise photos.

Watching the balloons land was a fun experience and offers a chance for a different perspective for some balloon filled photos of Cappadocia. It takes minutes from Goreme, however the track can be quite rough and is busy with locals so drive slowly in your rental car! Watching the balloons land at Love Valley. We love the colourful array of balloons and super happy balloon riders! The balloon launch sites are one of our favourite and most memorable photo locations in Cappadocia.

It was incredible to watch the huge balloons inflate and the morning sky lit up in a sea of colours as the balloons were fired up. After the balloons take off head to high ground to watch them float past almost within touching distance. The morning sky lit by the hot air balloons. The scale and colour of the hot air balloons inflating is mesmerising. Goreme and Zelves open air musuems are incredible to visit and have a multitude of photo opportunities.

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Goreme Open Air Museum was a Byzantine monastic settlement and its rock hewn churches, which house stunning Byzantine frescoes, are accessible to visitors. Zelve Open Air Museum was once home to one of the largest communities in the area and its landscape is dotted with honeycomb houses in the cave town. The rock buildings at Goreme Open Air Museum. Well preserved Byzantine frescoes. At last they were so hungry that they ate rats and beetles and rock-rabbits, the Leopard and the Ethiopian, and then they had the Big Tummy-ache, both together; and then they met Baviaan—the dog-headed, barking Baboon, who is Quite the Wisest Animal in All South Africa.

Said the Ethiopian to Baviaan, 'Can you tell me the present habitat of the aboriginal Fauna? He was a grown-up. Then said Baviaan, 'The game has gone into other spots; and my advice to you, Leopard, is to go into other spots as soon as you can. And the Ethiopian said, 'That is all very fine, but I wish to know whither the aboriginal Fauna has migrated.

Then said Baviaan, 'The aboriginal Fauna has joined the aboriginal Flora because it was high time for a change; and my advice to you, Ethiopian, is to change as soon as you can. That puzzled the Leopard and the Ethiopian, but they set off to look for the aboriginal Flora, and presently, after ever so many days, they saw a great, high, tall forest full of tree trunks all 'sclusively speckled and sprottled and spottled, dotted and splashed and slashed and hatched and cross-hatched with shadows.

Say that quickly aloud, and you will see how very shadowy the forest must have been. Perhaps we've forgotten what they were like. Giraffe is about seventeen feet high, of a 'sclusively fulvous golden-yellow from head to heel; and Zebra is about four and a half feet high, of a'sclusively grey-fawn colour from head to heel. But they didn't. The Leopard and the Ethiopian hunted all day; and though they could smell them and hear them, they never saw one of them.

This daylight hunting is a perfect scandal. So they waited till dark, and then the Leopard heard something breathing sniffily in the starlight that fell all stripy through the branches, and he jumped at the noise, and it smelt like Zebra, and it felt like Zebra, and when he knocked it down it kicked like Zebra, but he couldn't see it.

So he said, 'Be quiet, O you person without any form. I am going to sit on your head till morning, because there is something about you that I don't understand. Presently he heard a grunt and a crash and a scramble, and the Ethiopian called out, 'I've caught a thing that I can't see. It smells like Giraffe, and it kicks like Giraffe, but it hasn't any form.

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They haven't any form—any of 'em. So they sat down on them hard till bright morning-time, and then Leopard said, 'What have you at your end of the table, Brother?

Lots of Spots | Book by Lois Ehlert | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

The Ethiopian scratched his head and said, 'It ought to be 'sclusively a rich fulvous orange-tawny from head to heel, and it ought to be Giraffe; but it is covered all over with chestnut blotches. What have you at your end of the table, Brother? And the Leopard scratched his head and said, 'It ought to be 'sclusively a delicate greyish-fawn, and it ought to be Zebra; but it is covered all over with black and purple stripes.

What in the world have you been doing to yourself, Zebra? Don't you know that if you were on the High Veldt I could see you ten miles off? You haven't any form. They let the Zebra and the Giraffe get up; and Zebra moved away to some little thorn-bushes where the sunlight fell all stripy, and Giraffe moved off to some tallish trees where the shadows fell all blotchy. And where's your breakfast? Leopard stared, and Ethiopian stared, but all they could see were stripy shadows and blotched shadows in the forest, but never a sign of Zebra and Giraffe.

They had just walked off and hidden themselves in the shadowy forest. Take a lesson by it, Leopard. You show up in this dark place like a bar of soap in a coal-scuttle.

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I'm going to take Baviaan's advice. He told me I ought to change; and as I've nothing to change except my skin I'm going to change that. It will be the very thing for hiding in hollows and behind trees.