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    Made from salvia herb, this tea is an integral part of Mexican culture and rituals. Mazatec shamans, native to Sierra Mazateca in the state of Oaxaca, consume this drink to induce visions during rituals.

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    As the brew is made up of hallucinogenic substances, salvia remains the main choice. Perfect for chilly weather of Tibet and Ladakh, yak butter tea takes almost half a day to prepare. Tibetans consume it throughout the day as it provides high amount of energy and warmth. The tea gets its name from a Canadian region where it was invented and it has nothing to do with dogs of any kind. Made from three kind of plants from the Rhododendron family, the brew is effective for many ailments, including cold, heartburn and hangovers.

    However, one needs to be careful because it contains ledol, a poisonous substance that causes cramps, delirium, and even paralysis when consumed in large amount. The drink is prepared by fermenting the black tea with bacteria and yeast. People claim that it strengthens the immune system. Jessica Sansome. What chefs cook during winter. Full Screen. Panda dung tea If you think you are actually buying the poop, think again. Bubble tea This cold tea, which originated during the s in Taiwan, is more like a milkshake.

    Pu-erh Tea When the green tea is slowly aged with the help of fungus, pu-erh tea is produced. Kukicha green tea Japanese have their own method to produce this unique aromatic green concoction. Guayusa Tea The leaves of the guayusa Ilex guayusa , a tree native to the Ecuadorean rain forest, are rich in natural caffeine and antioxidants.

    Garlic tea Not so bizarre for people who want to lose weight as garlic tea is believed to help you maintain the perfect metabolism for shedding that extra layer of fat. Gunpowder tea Another tea of Chinese origin, this centuries-old brew is named so because its leaves resemble the grains of black powder. Salvia tea Made from salvia herb, this tea is an integral part of Mexican culture and rituals.

    Fermented yak butter tea Perfect for chilly weather of Tibet and Ladakh, yak butter tea takes almost half a day to prepare. Labrador tea The tea gets its name from a Canadian region where it was invented and it has nothing to do with dogs of any kind. Read more.

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