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They found that goliath frog nests are small pools in streams. Some are natural, but others are built by the frogs by clearing rocks from the stream bed.


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Some stones were visibly moved from day to day, as they had been turned upside-down. The nests were always cleared of debris like leaves. A typical nest had several hundred eggs, which developed into tadpoles and eventually small frogs. Adult frogs guarded the nests throughout the night.

The team assured stakeholders that restoration will reconnect the channel to the floodplain, saturating soils to the surface, and making the species on site last just as long as white oak or even rock. But with Bacon Ridge, the trees will continue to grow and fall, along with leaves and limbs, strengthening structures. Biohabitats took this a step further by planning to incorporate a redundant system of structures. With this, no one structure is indispensable, and each structure reinforces those up and downstream, assuring long-term performance and effectiveness.

Satisfying another request, the structures would also be made impermeable to flow so the stream can fill up and flow over them, creating an environment that supports fish movement.

Tumbling Stream- and Beach-Rounded Rocks

Engineered wood structure made with 3 root wads and 2 trunks restores a 5-ft deep incised section of Bacon Ridge Branch. In the end, Biohabitats was able to address all County and regulatory concerns up front, greatly facilitating the permitting process.

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Once all permits were issued, Biohabitats worked with long-time collaborators, Meadville Land Service, to implement construction. The Bacon Ridge project has sparked the restoration of another stretch of Bacon Ridge Branch, just five miles downstream at a site known as Elks Camp Barrett.

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The success, low cost, and support of the first project all acted as drivers in this decision. Sometimes seeing really is believing. Biohabitats already has led several tours of the site, with plans to do more, including a field trip associated with the Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference held this fall.

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Carr and Berg agree that there is a lot of intrigue surrounding the project, especially amongst resource and regulatory agencies and the consulting community, and everyone is excited to dig deep and learn more. Leaf Litter.

Wood as a Tool in Stream and River Restoration. Bacon Ridge Branch, before restoration. Harvesting red maple for use in a structure.

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Sedimentary Rocks

Courtesy photo Steve Brown. Thorne believes the new structures will last substantially longer than the old ones did. In the meantime, Thorne has a simple message for anglers: Enjoy the stream. Your notification has been saved. There was a problem saving your notification. Manage followed notifications.