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Under the sign of continuity and renewal. The beginning of a new path b. From Rerum Novarum to our own day c. In the light and under the impulse of the Gospel. Creatures in the image of God b. The tragedy of sin c. The universality of sin and the universality of salvation. The unity of the person B. Openness to transcendence and uniqueness of the person.

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Open to transcendence b. Unique and unrepeatable c. Respect for human dignity. The value and limits of freedom b.

The bond uniting freedom with truth and the natural law. The equal dignity of all people E. The social nature of human beings. The value of human rights b. The specification of rights c. Rights and duties d. Rights of peoples and nations e. Filling in the gap between the letter and the spirit. Meaning and primary implications b. Responsibility of everyone for the common good c. Tasks of the political community.

Origin and meaning b. The universal destination of goods and private property c. The universal destination of goods and the preferential option for the poor. Concrete indications. Meaning and value b. Participation and democracy. Solidarity as a social principle and a moral virtue c. Solidarity and the common growth of mankind d.

Solidarity in the life and message of Jesus Christ. The relationship between principles and values b. Truth c.

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Freedom d. Importance of the family for the person b. Importance of the family for society. The value of marriage b. The sacrament of marriage.

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Love and the formation of a community of persons b. The family is the sanctuary of life c. The task of educating d. The dignity and rights of children. Solidarity in the family b.

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The family, economic life and work. The duty to cultivate and care for the earth b.

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Jesus, a man of work c. The duty to work. The subjective and objective dimensions of work b. The relationship between labour and capital c. Work, the right to participate d. The relationship between labour and private property e.

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Rest from work. Work is necessary b. The role of the State and civil society in promoting the right to work c. The family and the right to work d. Women and the right to work e.

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Child labour f. Immigration and work g. The world of agriculture and the right to work. The dignity of workers and the respect for their rights b. The right to fair remuneration and income distribution c. The right to strike. The importance of unions b. New forms of solidarity. An epoch-making phase of transition b. Man, poverty and riches b. Wealth exists to be shared.

Business and its goals b. Role of business owners and management. Role of the free market b. Action of the State c. Role of intermediate bodies d.

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