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This beautiful book will have you falling in love with your rice cooker as you use it every day for perfect-every-time rice and an incredibly surprising range of other foods. Rice cookers are ideal for the way we cook tod …. If you want variety in your meals. Then consider adding some variety to your prepared rice. Get your copy of the best and most unique R …. There are so many different types of rice that sometimes it is difficult to decide which grain will work in a given recipe.

You can find the ingredients for the 30 methods in this book in your local supermarket or health …. Fried rice is a staple in Asian cuisine, and known for its ability to pair well with meat and vegetable dishes. Fried rice is especially popular in Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cultures, and you've probably been introduce …. Looking for a fast dinner, dessert, or a tasty snack, the Mini Rice Cooker Cookbook has something for you.

Forget your Crock-Pot, the bright-colored mini-rice cooker is your new easy-to-use, easy-to-cook solution for eve …. Creating golden Belgian waffles that are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside is a feat worth celebrating, but it requires the right tools. According to Amazon reviews, this waffle maker does just that and is both easy to clean and store as well. Filled with various different types of flowers and plenty of colorful produce, there's no denying that gardens are a thing of of beauty.

Your garden tools shouldn't distract from that. These five must-have tools make even the most mundane outdoor task—like weeding!

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Each piece of cookware is made from durable materials, so they'll work hard for you no matter the difficulty level of your favorite recipe. Keep a clean work space with beautifully designed organization solutions that will blend into the rest of your kitchen's layout. Crafting your favorite drinks at home requires a special set of tools.

If a martini is your go-to, a shaker will ensure you're ready to chill your cocktail to perfection. If a glass of wine is your evening ritual, a decanter will make sure those complex red wines are given the chance to breathe before you sip. From mixers to muddlers, these are the seven tools your home needs based on your favorite drinks to sip or serve. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to …. Hawaii's Rice Cooker Cookbook will make us see the automatic rice cooker with new eyes and expand our range of cooking options.

Cooking foods other than rice in a rice cooker is like baking a layer cake in an Easy-Bake oven: best approached with patience ….

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If you currently have a rice cooker in your home and want to put it to good use, then this is the perfect cookbook for you. Each one is chock-full of enticing recipes and useful kitchen tips. Find out which kitchen tools and gadgets are must-haves for the test kitchen team when they cook at home. The perfect complement to your new appliance, the Mini Rice Cooker Cookbook has fresh ideas for every occasion, from breakfast to dessert.

A mini rice cooker is perfect for cramped college dorms, small apartments, even R …. Wild rice is hugely popular across the country. Partly due to that popularity, this book has sold over , copies. From salads and desserts to main-dish staples, these recipes will delight all who appreciate this hea ….

The Big Beautiful Brown Rice Cookbook: Really Quick & Easy Brown Rice Recipes by Wendy Esko

There are many schools of thought as to how rice should be like to be cooked, in the west there is no question that when it is done each grain should be separate and fluffy. Can you please tell me what brand you like for plain brown rice? Kate, Your recipes are the best. I am drooling over the Carrot Cake Recipe.

Every photo looks so delicious. Although I am a meat eater I can still make many of the recipes and just add a few strips of meat or fish. I never make brown rice good, either by the package in a pot or in a rice cooker. After reading how easy you say it is to make I tried it last night with the leftover in the bag, no measuring. OMG — the best!!!! My brown rice came out so fluffy and light. It even tasted different — meaning not sticky soggy mushy but like real rice.

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I love your recipes! You got me hooked with Cookie. I have a Queensland Heeler, best dog ever! After measuring rice and water for over 30 years, this method works and is so easy. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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Any chance this would work on other types of rice white, wild? Unfortunately, those require different cooking times. White rice less and wild rice typically more. Wow this hack is super great! Thanks for sharing. I made a small portion of brown rice this weekend and it turned out undercooked even when using a rice cooker!

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Even if it takes longer. Do you salt the boiling water, add the salt in the last 10 minutes, or no salt at all? Have you tried making flavored rice with this technique? Spices would be lost when draining the water, right? Check out my cilantro lime rice and other dishes for ideas on adding spices! Doubled the recipe and it came out perfect. Never going back to the old method. How did I not know this? Tried this method last night and the rice turned out perfect and fluffy. Thanks for all your great recipes and ideas. We always strained brown rice after cooking around 40 — 45mins, just like my Grandma did.

But they get slightly mushy. I could never get BR gets consistency of a basmati rice. Let me try your technique. I had been frustrated for so long for getting sticky or mushy rice despite following the directions exactly. I tried different types of rice thinking that was the cause but now I know how to make any rice fluffy. Your method worked perfectly! My family thanks you :. I have to admit I was very skeptical about this one. But I tried it…and it worked! In fact, it worked very well. The new method for me.


I did about 8 cups and it cooked off in 27 minutes and I had to take it off he heat. Covered it and 10 mins later it was perfect. I like that this is flexible. Oh no! Did you rinse the rice prior? Did you allow it to steam at the end? Thank you for your wonderful brown rice cooking method, I tried it tonight and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the rice cooking technique! I was Considering a rice cooker or an Insta pot, but no more!! I love the 30 minute boil. I just made a whole bag of rice in a large kettle in 30 minutes and it turned out perfect! This is recipe is magic!!

It makes gorgeous rice, individual grains, and easy peasy. Just what I was searching for, and easier than I could have imagined. Was just reading your site. Cookie and Kate receives commissions on purchases made through our links to retailers.