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This section will help you make a final purchase with confidence, knowing that you've covered off the most important considerations. Advances in car technology mean that clever new features and innovations are being introduced all the time. Unless you're a trained technician or a committed petrol head, it can be difficult to work out what's important to you.

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This guide will help clear up some of the confusion. The clearer you are about how much your car is going to continue to cost after you buy it, the better equipped you'll be to find the best car for your lifestyle and financial situation. This section will help as you consider costs.

Before you sign on the dotted line there are a few important steps you need to take before you drive away in your car. This simple guide will help you through the final process. Whether you're picking up a vehicle that's brand new or second hand, there are a few administrative tasks you need to take care of first.

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This guide will help to ensure everything is in place for a seamless pick-up process. Choosing a Car It's worth putting some time into choosing the right car for your lifestyle and budget, as well as the best finance option for you. You should decide for a category of vehicle that meets your needs e.

You will find information about individual models on various portals on the Internet or in printed car magazines. A look at the statistics for breakdowns reveals relevant problems.

Other important criteria for a first search:. The biggest marketplace for used car offers is found on the Internet. Enter the most important criteria in the search option and you will immediately receive all offers that meet your parameters. Buying a used car from a dealer reduces many risks, but bargains are more likely to come from private individuals. As a general rule, dealers professionally inspect their used cars and fix the defects and damage that they find.

Buyers are better legally protected because the dealer remains responsible for material defects for at least one year. If damage is discovered in the first six months, the dealer is automatically liable unless he can prove that the damage incurred after the sale. Common tricks, such as selling the vehicle 'bought as seen, " are invalid.

Often dealers also offer additional guarantees. In this circumstance, the seller is responsible for six months, and thereafter only if fraud is proved.

Who is a First Time Car Buyer?

If you look persistently and negotiate well - with luck — you can get very good prices. When searching for a used vehicle, you may become flooded with results and may have to narrow your criteria. A good way to do this is by limiting the radius in which you want to search for the car. Other limiting parameters include the price, the year of manufacture, the mileage or equipment.



Adjust the criteria until you have a manageable number of hits. Now you can compare the cars directly and inspect serious candidates in more detail. When looking at a used vehicle advertisement, the following points should be considered:. The more detailed the desciption of the vehicle, the better. When an advertisement is filled out in detail about the strong AND weak points of the car e. Check if the points in the description can be seen in the images. The quality of the pictures alone can be enough to draw certain conclusions; are the images blurry or in low light - is the seller trying to possibly hide something?

The more detailed the photos, the better. Crust appearing on the paint should also be a warning that something could be afoul. No advert can answer all of your questions so write down what information you still need so that you can go through these at a later point with the seller. Before you place a vehicle in your favourite list, you must consider not only the purchase price of the car, but also the anncillary costs. With this information you can decide on different models. In your calculation you should include the following:. The more that you know about the history of a car, the better you can make an objective judgement about it.

Therefore collect as much historical data as possible. Carfax offers a practical service for this. Just type in the 17 character code and you will recieve a report about the history of the car. You will find dependant on data important details about the car:. With this information you can verify what is provided by and said by the seller. Is this the right car AND the right seller? Shy people understandably would rather send a written message than call a total stranger.

The advantage of sending an e-mail is that you can think over your questions and formulate them properly. Additionally, when you get a reply, you will have your answer in black and white. Before agreeing with the seller to a test drive date, you should ask a few important questions.

10 Mistakes Lots of People Make When Buying a New Car

For example, you will want to ask if the car has been in an accident, when is the next inspection date and whether the price is flexible. Confirm the important criteria you used to define your search, e. If there are any other open questions due to unclear descriptions etc. Use your intuition. Does the seller arouse suspicsion or trust? This should definitely be done in daylight and you should give yourself at least and hour and a half for viewing and the test drive. If the appointment is made late at night in an industrial park, one should be wary.

Be sure to ask if the seller has had the car professionally checked at a garage. This is very likely a fraudulent ad. Generally said: NEVER pay for a car before you have seen it with your own eyes, driven it yourself, and have a legal contract in your hand. Escrow Service The seller asks for a downpayment to prove that you are genuinely interested in the car, often using services such as Western Union or Money Gram. Criminals often use the name of a transport company as an escrow service. In this case, it is almost always a dummy corporation that dissapears a few months later — after the money has been withdrawn.

A reputable online market place will never offer an escrow service. Payment to someone that you know The criminal tries to intice you by suggesting a cash payment into the account of a person known to you. Of course they will want proof of the deposit and ask for a copy of the payment slip. With data from this document and faked identifcation, they then withdraw the funds themselves. Such bogus documents include confirmation from the online website that the car exisits and that they have had previous, positive experiences with the seller. A secure payment method such as escrow would then be suggested.

No serious online market place would ever send a confirmation such as this! Criminals are behind these mails and by using this sensative data, they can plunder bank accounts of funds. By opening attachments from emails such as these, one can unwittingly install viruses and trojans on the computer.

Hotlines If the seller uses a premium cost hotline as contact, place the seller in your blocked list and never call this person; these are often just complete rip off scams. This is the only you can see if the car holds all of the promises the seller has spoken of. Learn what to look for here:. Test drive all the cars you are interested in within a short period of time; this way you can better compare your impressions.

A basic rule is that the more unbiased you can be when taking a test drive, the better. Strive for a neutral view, even if you think you have found your favourite from the advertisements. Four eyes will see more than two so bring along a knowledgable companion, especially if you are not a car expert. Leave yourself time! You can only develop a balanced impression when approaching the decision with a sense of calm. A close look at the documents will often provide important insight. Check for any inconsistencies: is the chasis number different in the registration document?

If so, the document is probably fake. Is the name of the registered owner in the documents the same as the seller? Gaps in the inspection dates could mean important maintanence was missed.

Buying and Choosing a Used Car

Do the papers show that the seller has only been the registered owner for a very short period of time? Perhaps they were unhappy with the car. Before you take the car for a test drive, examine it in microscopic detail. Check to see if defects have been concealed. External Get an overview: check out all of your candidates from all perspectives and look for irregularities such as paint, scratches and dents these can be best seen from a squatting position.

The presence of different color tones indicates repainting; in this case ask the reason for repainting.

Keep your eyes open for rust. A very dirty car makes it difficult to spot defects and puts into question the credibility of the seller. Under the hood Under the hood beats the heart of the car. If there is something wrong, it can quickly become very expensive. Does the engine beam back at you?