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Sword of Aaron (The Spellswords Saga)

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In its description, it is already said that it is not meant for combat; it not only has slow attack motions, wielding a whip deprives the player of the ability to backstab and parry, for obvious reasons. It can however, be upgraded to fire or lightning weapon, significantly increasing its combat ability, and the whip is also impervious to being parried. There is another weapon called the Notched Whip, but is more of a Whip Sword rather than a true whip.

The Guardian in question happens to be a very lethal lightning-spitting manticore. Its scorpion tail, when cut, forms the whip. Yes, you are essentially swinging a poisonous scorpion tail around as a whip. Their effectiveness is zig zagged in the sequels. Whips in Dark Souls 2 are still rather slow in their basic attcks, but have a tremendous reach and a quick running attack which covers a wide area as the user swings the whip around, not to mention more respectable damage.

Dark Souls 3 on the other hand, leaves whips once again struggling for relevance - while quite effective in the right situation, they mostly rely on gimmicks in PvP , and are simply outclassed by other weapons in PvE. Batman: Arkham City : As discussed in the comics section, this is Catwoman's weapon of choice. Mass Effect 3 : The downloadable Ex-Cerberus classes in multiplayer use biotic whips for their signature powers and heavy melee attacks.

Apparently, nothing says "badass Defector from Decadence " like dark-energy whips.

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Earthworm Jim uses his own annelid head as a whip. Sheriff Woody uses his pullstring as a lasso in Toy Story. He never actually hurt anyone with it, though: anything it hit got "tied up" for a few seconds.

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Metal Gear : The villain Mistral from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance connects four robot arms together to make a very long roughly twice her height pole-arm weapon. Since it's made out of robot arms that she can control remotely it can be either a sturdy staff or a flexible whip. Oddly enough, Forte from Galaxy Angel always carries around a riding crop, despite never using it and is more of The Gunslinger. Being the eldest of the Angel Brigade, she does get to train the younger ones especially Chitose , but she never, ever uses it. Lampshaded when No ah points out that Forte cannot be the one person she's looking for by the bad way she swings her riding crop.

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The move Vine Whip is a grass-type smacking its opponent with It has a longer range than other characters' melee attacks yet does slightly less damage. With certain skills, she can eventually steal ammo from enemies and even unleash a lightning bolt just by cracking her whip. Yooka of Yooka-Laylee uses his tongue as one. Severin Cocorico of Aviary Attorney carries around a riding crop which he apparently uses in dangerous situations. Otherwise, it's a prop. Unlike some other attorneys with whips, he much prefers verbal takedowns to anything as unlawful as assault.

Some subsequently found minor Wonderful Ones are whip-users as well and possess the same Unite Whip ability. Prince Vorkken mirrors all Unite abilities with his own Unify weapons, among them the Unify whip. Warframe features several whips used as melee weapons.

Sword of Aaron (The Spellswords Saga) by Ronnie G. Anderson

The Lecta has a taser attached to the end. The Scoliac is an infested whip that can deal toxic damage. The Atterax is a whip with a row of saw blades attached to the end, being described as a particularly brutal execution device. Though it's more of a grappling hook, Black Cat in Marvel Heroes has a skill tree that focuses on using this hook as a whip. Emma Frost has the Astral Whip skill, where she lashes enemies with a psionically manifested whip.

Combined with her ability to make an enemy her slave and her signature skill which mind controls enemies around her to get on their knees, she invokes a heavy dominatix theme. In Lost smile and strange circus , this is Rebecca's Weapon of Choice , since she's a tiger tamer. In Crossing Souls , Charlie swings her jump rope around like a whip and can strike multiple enemies with it.

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Said issue is complete with a truckload of Indiana Jones Shout Outs , and the whip skill list includes the trope name as well as Giddy Up, a buff that gives you and your teammates a speed boost that's right, you whip your buddies to make them run faster. Visual Novels. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

the spellswords saga akmalla Manual

In her own and in Yukie's routes, she demonstrates just how good she is with it. Franziska von Karma in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney constantly carries a whip, which she uses on nearly everyone she meets. Her favorite victims are Phoenix and Gumshoe — she seems to consider it almost affectionate, by the end, never mind that that thing hurts — only eight-year-old Pearl Fey which probably would have killed any possible sympathy for her, paralyzed-from-the-waist-down Acro , middle-aged and not the picture of health Sister Bikini , Godot , who simply shamed her into compliance, and Detective Badd who swayed out of the way manage to escape unscathed.

Shi-Long Lang caught the whip when Frannie first tried to use it on him, but fell victim to it later in the case. Also notable in that she completely averts a Stripperiffic outfit, even to the point of constantly wearing gloves at least while on the job. In case four of Ace Attorney Investigations , she carries a riding crop instead. You really have to wonder about her home life.

http://gatsby-estates.co.uk/wireless-ad-hoc-and-sensor-networks-management-performance.php Raised by Manfred von Karma. What would you expect? Web Comics. Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures gives us head combat instructor Quill. She loves to use the whip on her love interest Jacob. Quill: Yes, run fast little volf. I love it vhen they run. Web Original. Lilywatt in Flyover City has whips that she charges with electricity. Brendan Bredard of Survival of the Fittest version three is assigned a bullwhip as a weapon, which he later uses to strangle Luis Chezinski to death.

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  • Andy's Light Rope. Dreamscape : Soya can create lighting bolt-shaped whips. Western Animation. In Adventure Time , Finn the Human is given a cursed Grass Sword which latches onto his right arm and cannot be separated from him , but Finn comes to accept it after mastering its use.

    When Finn loses and later regrows his right arm during his adventures, he is left with a thorn protruding from his palm as an indication that the Grass Sword's curse remains. When under attack from the cosmic entity Orgalorg , the Grass Sword, sensing Finn is being attacked , remanifests as a gigantic vine-whip, and makes short work of Orgalorg. He later uses it to defend Jake from the Lich and free himself while immobilised in ice.

    However, she uses the whip for controlling an animal instead of as a weapon she seems to actually fight with just her fists. Reality Is Unrealistic indeed. In The Legend of Korra , the metalbending police of Republic City use metallic whips as their primary weapon. Ancient Astronaut Theorists would certain agree th Billie Sue and Beau , words Forbidden love is the background in the story of the love of a rich racehorse breeder and a poor bareback riding country girl.

    Things get rather complicated when the family gets involved - don't they always?