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The tapestry was unveiled last week at Royston Museum and has so far been viewed by more than 1, visitors.

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There have been people who have been in Royston for years who are thrilled to see what they have heard about for so long. The story then moves to the Bronze Age and the construction of burial mounds that still overlook the town from the surrounding hills. The dog was returned unharmed with a petition reminding him how much Royston paid when his hunting lodge was in full swing. The tapestry finishes in with the discovery of the mysterious Royston Cave, a chamber hollowed out of the chalk, its walls covered in carvings long linked to the Knights Templar. Although the project was completed in , the original plans earmarked the tapestry to end in , thereby fuelling speculation it could be added to.

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A Tapestry of Love

None of the people she has cared for all these years is completely out of the orbit of her concern yet, but if she waits until they are, her life remains on hold. The house is half way up a mountain, old and full of idiosyncrasies — primitive plumbing, intermittent power, no reliable mobile signal, but its solidity and permanence hold out the expectation that it will be a shelter and a stronghold for her. However she is on her own, trailing her residual guilt at having cut ties. Everything that happens to her at first serves to underscore that this is a place that is not just beautiful but harsh, and that she has not just bought a house to live in, but has to make a commitment to a community and a way of life.

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The book opens up all sorts of possibilities of which direction it might take. Can Catherine survive or not in this place that differs so wildly from the Home Counties? How realistic is she in thinking that she can live all year round in a place that is stunningly beautiful in the holiday season? All these possibilities existed for me when I started reading, but would this work for Catherine, or would the tentacles of her old life pull her back to England, and back into her familiar groove?

I think I need to start talking about why I love this novel. A number of distinct strands are woven together appropriately enough into a wonderfully satisfying whole. I felt that I was inside her, looking at the world through her special eyes, that have the artistic gift of translating the physical and spiritual landscape of the place into beautiful textiles.

They are portrayed with accuracy and respect, and not a Chevalier-esque accent in sight — huzzah! They seem laconic, self-contained and proud; are they going to welcome Catherine, and be open to her ideas and gifts?

There are some great recurring themes — I never expected to find a gleeful account of French law and bureaucracy and the situational ethics needed to live with them so absorbing. And another is the way Catherine transmutes her experience into tapestry. Everyone behaves well, or if not, their bad behaviour is coped with in a civilised manner and that is soothing. Finally, there is the joy of the landscape — beautiful but wild, difficult, hard, with its extremes of weather, shifts in mood, light and shadow as the sun barely lifts itself above the mountains. The description of it is full of detail that is almost panoramic: colour, contour, climate, plants, animals and terrain.

For me, with each one, her voice and her art have become more confident and assured. There is emotional intelligence and empathy in the writing, combined with shafts of humour and a lightness of touch.

In her previous novels, she has had the gift of delineating a small world and its inhabitants and drawing the reader into it — this time, she has taken the risk of describing a landscape and a community that is entirely and spectacularly unique and all-encompassing, has succeeded in weaving a story through it that is rooted in it and worthy of it, and in doing so, has written a novel that is wise, warm, rich and immensely satisfying. Rosy Thornton: The Tapestry of Love.

Headline Review, Author interview: Rosy Thornton. It exuded warmth — in fact, it should come with a scratch-and-sniff panel! And a scratch-and-taste panel, the descriptions of Cevenol life were so vibrant.

A Tapestry Of Love { Romantic wedding reading }

This sounds absolutely brilliant and I am hugely looking forward to reading it. Thanks, Hilary, for the beautiful and thoughtful review. Very French! Another for the list!

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I too wait for her paperbacks, but this time is different. Thank you for an excellent review.

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