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That is unfortunate for them given that, just three weeks later, both parties will feature very prominently in the European elections.

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Most pressing of these is gauging the future viability of the Conservative Party. It may be years old, but even many hitherto sensible heads wonder whether it can survive. In , the Tories gained 28 councils, mostly from NOC, as well as additional council seats. Labour, in contrast, lost councillors, while the post-Coalition Liberal Democrats lost UKIP won an additional councillors. Rallings and Thrasher forecast that those gains will be reversed with the Tories losing between and seats.

The Lib Dems will be looking to recover their losses and then some. He also suggested that young voters, ethnic minorities and working class people do not think that the Conservative Party shares "their values and understands theie needs". He said that the Tories are a "divided team", adding that a "divided party cannot unite a divided nation". He said: "Unfortunately, the Corbyn threat to our country has not gone. We may have won that battle, but we have not yet won the war.

Highlighting the Tories failure to deliver Brexit, he said: "We are not delivering on a promise at the heart of our last manifesto: That we would leave the European Union on March 29th. F oreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said the Tories suffered at the local elections because of the failure to deliver Brexit on time by both main parties. Speaking alongside the Kenyan Foreign Minister Monica Juma at a press conference in Nairobi, Mr Hunt said: "We've had a very difficult evening - there's no getting away from that - of course there are some cyclical factors at this stage in the electoral cycle A sked if Theresa May was still the right person to lead the Conservative Party going forward, Mr Hunt said: "The arithmetic of Parliament - a hung parliament - remains the same and I think what people want us to do is not be debating who is going to be leading political parties but actually getting on with delivering Brexit.

U.K. Labour Party sees dramatic exodus of MPs

Pressed on whether Mrs May is the right leader for now, he said: "She is for now and I hope that she's successful in delivering Brexit and I will certainly support her in doing so. A total of of councils have now declared their results. S peaking after he was escorted out of the venue, Tory party member and former county councillor Stuart Davies said he had heckled Mrs May and called for her to resign because of her handling of Brexit. The year-old, from Llangollen, said: "I am furious at what she has done to our party.

To put it bluntly she is telling lies: 'we will be out by March the 29th'. I knew this was my opportunity to get my views across and I think I share the views of a lot of people who are party members. I did what I did because I know it was the right thing to do.

T he Conservative Party has now lost seats.


The Verdict : Polly Toynbee :

S ome of councils have now declared their results. Throughout the campaign, we have been putting forward our vision of a better society, and the need to end the austerity imposed on our communities by the Conservatives, along with the Liberal Democrats when they were in the coalition government. We will continue putting our case for an alternative deal to Parliament, and we will put that case to the European Union, because Labour does not want to divide people on how they voted in , we want to bring people together.

We will fight and win those seats back and, whenever a general election comes, we are absolutely ready for it. A Tory activist shouted "why don't you resign? The activist was then escorted out of the room as other party members told him to "get out". The Prime Minister then drew laughter and applause from a majority of the hall as she told the conference: "It's great to be back in North Wales again - I have to say my experience of North Wales is that everybody I meet here is friendly. A lmost half of councils which have held elections have now declared their results: of Meanwhile, the Greens are up 52, Ukip is down 12 and the number of independent councillors has gone up by T he Conservative MP for Solihull, Julian Knight, said the Brexit effect was having a direct impact on the local elections, adding the message he was getting on the door-step was that voters were "fed-up".

Speaking at the local election count in his constituency, he said: "People are angry about Brexit, turnout is very low in some wards. He added: "One guy clamped his hand on my shoulder and said he wasn't coming out to vote this time, because he was heart-broken that we had not left the EU. W ith of the councils having now declared results, the Lib Dems are now up seats on where they were before. S ome out of councils have now declared their results. P rofessor John Curtice said he agreed with Sir Vince Cable's suggestion that the local elections showed the return of three party politics.

But he went even further.

UK lawmakers prepare to deliver verdict on EU divorce deal

He told the BBC: "I think the answer is yes, I think it is fair to say that this is the return of at least three party politics. Eurosceptics believe it makes a Customs Union less likely. T he Euroean Parliament's chief Brexit coordinator has congratulated the Liberal Democrats on their "excellent results". Mr Verhofstadt says there is now "real momentum for pro-Europeans in the UK" ahead of the European elections on May He said he regretted the fact that other pro-European parties had rejected his request for them to stand under one Remain banner.


Election Lesson 1: if you don't give people something to vote for then they will not vote for you. J eremy Corbyn, on a visit to Trafford, a former Tory stronghold where Labour won overall-control of the council, said: "Results across the country are interesting, to put it mildly. I'm very pleased with the result just down the road in Telford, where there's been a huge swing to Labour.

Seats have been gained there, as seats have been gained in many parts of the south as well as various parts of the north.

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Will those who claim the local election results show the need for a second referendum say the opposite if the Brexit party win the Euro elections? A chirpy Lib Dem source on the party's steady gains in local elections: "Maybe now Change UK will start treating us like equals and Labour will realise too much fudge makes you sick Without a commitment to a public vote, I'll vote for a Labour-Tory deal when hell freezes over and I'm not alone in that. T he party's co-leader Jonathan Bartley said: "This is the biggest election night in our history.

Greens are winning right across the country, and taking seats from a wide range of other parties. The Lib Dems were able to gain 26 seats while the Tories lost The new council looks like this: Lib Dems 31, Conservatives 21 and independents five. Blimey, here we go. I was simply making the point we need to get on with sorting this out whichever way. It showed that when you cower in the middle of the road on the biggest existential crisis facing Britain for generations you get squashed.

FinalSay PeoplesVote. It seems to be a plague on both your houses to the Conservatives and the Labour Party, who they see as a block on finding some sort of resolution to Brexit.

Voters stripped the party of 13 seats in the Derbyshire town's local council elections, giving them now just 18 on the council and taking away their majority. The area, an old mining town, has been represented in Parliament by former miner and veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner, nicknamed the Beast of Bolsover, since He said: "Nine years into Tory led Governments and all the damage they've unleashed. Three years after the Brexit referendum. One massive elephant in the room. And the fact that we have found this impasse in parliament. We have seen a massive protest vote on that issue tonight," he said.

Following local election results from Nairobi, which look at this stage like a slap in the face for both the main parties. My heart goes out to conservative councillors who have lost their seats. A few positives results too and big shock to see Laour lose Wirral and Hartlepool. A Conservative source said the local elections results suggested that Labour was actually failing to make ground in battleground seats it will need to win a general election. The source said Labour was "not making the gains in marginal seats that would be expected from the Opposition facing a party nine years into government".

W e are now expecting a bit of a lull in results as we wait for those councils which did not count votes overnight to get started. The Tories have lost seats and control of 16 local authorities. Labour has lost 60 seats and two councils. He tweeted: "These local election results illustrate that people believe, as we do, that politics is broken in Britain and the two main parties are responsible, which is why our MPs left them - those parties can't be the solution because they are part of the problem. T he Lib Dem leader has welcomed his party's strong showing in the local elections.

He said in a statement:. T he Brexit Minister suggested earlier this morning that a good night for the Conservatives would be lost seats. C rispin Blunt said that the party needed a new leader to be put in place and a new strategy to deal with Brexit. There is no reason for me to change that judgment.

Mr Blunt warned of a split in the Tories if Mrs May took the "Ramsay MacDonald option" of forging a Brexit deal with Labour, saying: "She would find there were very few Conservatives behind her if she were to do that deal. A deal with Jeremy Corbyn's party would leave Mrs May in a similar position to MacDonald, who became "the most reviled Labour leader in their history and was left with very few Labour colleagues supporting him" after he went into coalition with the Conservatives in the s, said Mr Blunt. A party source said that there were "still a lot of results to come in but results are broadly in line as expected thus far".

They said that there were "encouraging results where we need them for a general election" and despite "wild Tory expectation management" it was still "a bad night" for the Conservative Party.

The Verdict

T he Liberal Democrat's home affairs spokesman said the party's results were "equivalent to our best strides forward ever in our history", comparable to surges following the Iraq War and during the meltdown of John Major's administration. We are clearly back in the game.

The results marked a "sea-change in British politics", he said, adding: "People have been frustrated with the appalling Tory Government, who have let them down not just on Brexit but with cuts to police and schools, and a split opposition with such poor leadership. The Liberal Democrats have proven we are that strong alternative to the Tories and Labour.

A s Labour continues to lose seats as the results roll in, it is worth revisiting comments made by Barry Gardiner earlier this morning. Mr Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, said it had been difficult to get across the party's position on Brexit to voters on the doorstep. That position is to back a second referendum but only in certain circumstances. S ome of the councils have now announced their results. A s mentioned below at S ome of the councils which have held elections have now declared their results. T he Change UK MP, formerly a Conservative, has said the local election results tell the two main parties "plague on both your houses".

She tweeted: "Strikes me that on the basis of the results in so far - the message to both main parties is 'plague on both your houses. Professor John Curtice tells the BBC: "This evening, even without the challenge of the Brexit Party or Change UK, the electoral hold of the Conservative and Labour parties on the British electorate is looking now as weak as it has done at any point in post-war British politics.

T here are now of councils having declared. I t has been a rough night for the Tories so far as the Conservative Party lost numerous councils to no overall control. A party source has described the results so far as "tough" but insisted the elections had taken place in district council areas which "traditionally favour the Tories".