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These are just a sample of popular Bible apps available.

  1. Kill the Spouse and Move On.
  2. Ambassadors of Love.
  3. Transport for Christ.

With one of these apps and any smart phone, tablet or laptop drivers need never leave the Good Word behind while they are on the road. But, drivers who are in churches that do not provide any of these services have a wealth of recorded sermons and Bible expositions available for downloading or streaming from a huge variety of popular pastors, speakers and teachers. Some of the most popular include:. Chuck Missler passed away at the age of 83 in May of , but he has left behind a huge wealth of Bible expositions and topical studies.

One highly, highly recommended gateway to Mr.

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Missler and learning the Bible is to watch his video series titled, "Learn the Bible in 24 hours," available on YouTube. For on-the-road audio-only streaming it can be accessed at this SoundCloud link. Once the appetite is whetted by this comprehensive exposition of the whole Bible, the diligent Bible student can further explore Mr. The Grace to You website features sermons, Bible expositions and topical studies.

Those seeking traditional preaching on audio can find Charles Spurgeon sermons read by contemporary speakers. Probably the most recognizable because of the number of locations where they host a chapel Truckstop Ministries, Inc. Today, the ministry has more than 80 chapels in truck stops in 29 states. Truckstop Ministries was founded by the Rev.

Joseph Hunter, known as Pastor Joe, who passed away in The website provides a map with the states that host chapels. Clicking on the state, and then clicking on the truck stop, will bring up a page showing the chapel chaplain, the location of the chapel, and hours when the chapel is open. Transport for Christ claims to have 89 active locations, which engaged with more than 67, drivers in , and saw more than 1, drivers make professions of faith. An interactive map is available to point drivers to the nearest chapel. Truckers Christian Chapel Ministries says their goal is, "To provide as many Chapel Locations as the Lord allows, within a truck stop setting familiar to the road drivers.

We provide chapel services, Bible studies, prayer, counseling, and just plain old fellowship. The Association of Christian Truckers has a limited number of locations, only three in fact, but its expansive website provides a number of services for its members. Visit the ACT website for more information and the exact locations.

Usually refers to a driver hauling freight within one particular region of the country. Regional route drivers often get home on the weekends which is one of the main appeals for this type of route. A department of the federal executive branch responsible for the national highways and for railroad and airline safety. It also manages Amtrak, the national railroad system, and the Coast Guard. When a violation by either a driver or company is confirmed, an out-of-service order removes either the driver or the vehicle from the roadway until the violation is corrected.

Did you know you can fill out one quick form here on TruckingTruth and apply to several companies at once for paid CDL training? The application only takes one minute. You will speak with recruiters today. There is no obligation whatsoever. Learn more and apply here:. TruckingTruth was founded by Brett Aquila that's me!

After 15 years on the road I wanted to help people understand the trucking industry and everything that came with the career and lifestyle of an over the road trucker. We'll help you make the right choices and prepare for a great start to your trucking career. Becoming A Truck Driver is a dream we've all pondered at some point in our lives.

We've all wondered if the adventure and challenges of life on the open road would suit us better than the ordinary day to day lives we've always known.

At TruckingTruth we'll help you decide if trucking is right for you and help you get your career off to a great start. Bible apps for cell phones, tablets or laptops Streaming audio and video Truck stop ministries Bible apps for cell phones, tablets or laptops One of the most convenient ways to use technology to keep in touch with The Word is through the use of Bible apps. Church press release: " YouVersion was created by Life.

Did you get it?

Church to help people engage with the Bible. The team designs and builds experiences that make it easy for people to integrate the Bible into their everyday lives. Since , the Bible App offers a free Bible experience on smart phones, tablets, and computers. Blue Letter Bible Widely used for many, many years on computer platforms and claiming millions of users, the Blue Letter Bible is also available for cell phone users.

Many churches also provide real-time streaming of their sermons. Sermons online Those seeking traditional preaching on audio can find Charles Spurgeon sermons read by contemporary speakers. I learned to drive a truck shortly before going into the U. During my two years in the military, I drove truck in Viet Nam for one year then back to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, driving there my last six months in the Army. Meet some of our Chaplains. Ever wonder what a Christian really is? Why is it so important and how do you become one?

Learn more about this important issue in your life.

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Would you like to have an extended ministry for reaching truck drivers for Jesus Christ through your local church? Most likely there's a highway and thousands of trucks and drivers rolling down it near your church. There may be a truck stop close by as well. These men and women have unique lives and circumstanses that keep them from worshiping at a home church, and keeps them away from their familes for weeks on end. Your church could be their extended family. We would encourage you and your church congregation to pray for them, as they drive and deliver the goods to provide for our daily use all over this land, for they are perhaps the last unreached people in America today.

We provide awareness, help and training, and make all the necessary contacts to the truck stop corporations to make this extended mission of your church happen. You've been asked that question about a million times. Usually, we answer in terms of our immediate destination. We might say something like, "I'm going to try to make the Guitar City before I shut her down tonight. Driver, where is your life headed? What is your ultimate destination?

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Who plots the course for your life? The word of God tells us we all are headed somewhere. God's word declares that every human being who ever lives will live for eternity either with God or separated from God in hell. Hosea says, "Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? God has a plan for every life.

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God's plan is right. Those who walk in cooperate with God's plan experience His blessings. Those who rebel against God's plan stumble. God's plan for your life includes submission to and dependence upon Jesus Christ, His Son. Those who trust Jesus are sure of their destination.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father but by me. That verse says Jesus is the only way to God. Without Him there is no going to the Father. Jesus is all the truth about God. Without Him there is no knowing the Father. Jesus is the offer of life from God.